Women’s 70’s Costumes Ideas for a 70s Disco Look

70s Costumes Ideas for a 70s Disco Look
Back-in-the-days fashion is massively coming back into today’s fashion scene. Whether you want to look 70s for a themed party, Halloween, or just to make a 70s disco fashion statement using 70’s costumes, there are tons of great ideas to put you on the right track.

Some of the fashion items for women who want to achieve seventies disco fashion would include jumpsuit, mini-dress, or a top and bottom. Other necessities in terms of 1970s fashion include bellbottom pants, platform shoes, and bell sleeves.
Here are some great ideas to achieve your 1970s disco look;
Go for a Mini Dress


70s costumes

Mini dresses are one of the staples for women back in the 70’s. Popular fabrics for the mini-dresses include stretch and spandex materials. And, the dresses are form-fitting as well as hugging.
Other great features of the 70’s minis include leopard print, metallic colors, or the “psychedelic patterns”. Great options for your mini-dress include long, flared sleeves or halter-top dress. The no-no patterns are strapless dresses and spaghetti straps.
Consider a One-piece Jumpsuit
If you’re not comfortable with mini-dress, you would be better off with one-piece jumpsuit. Alternatively, you can combine a pant and a blouse.
And, for more seventies fashion statement with your 70s costumes, take advantage of the following ideas;
·    Go for a shiny satin top that features a metallic appearance. Another suitable option is a top that is completely covered in sequins.
·    Go for bellbottom pants. And, if you’re trying to replicate a jumpsuit appearance, your pants should complement the material as well as color of your top. Alternatively, you should go for any shimmering, form-fitting bottom.
Put on Conspicuous Accessories
A great way to enhance your 70s disco fashion is to go for conspicuous accessories. In this case, you can’t go wrong with large hoop earrings, silver bangle bracelets, and medallion necklace.
Adorn Your Feet with Platform Shoes
Platform shoes are essential part of 70s costumes for a disco look. A great option would be knee-high platform boots, black or white color – this would particularly suit a mini-dress.
And, if you choose to wear pants, don’t go for boots, instead put on standard platform shoes.
70’s Fashion

When you style your hair to complement a 1970s fashion, straighten the hair. Sleek and make your tresses shiny for a perfect 70s disco look. Another option is to wear bogus Farrah Fawcett curls.
Once you follow these tips above, you can be sure that heads will be turning just to admire your unique and spectacular look with your 70’s costumes and accessories for women. These 70s fashion ideas are also great for a 70’s Halloween look and theme parties.