80s Fashion in the 21st Century


Recently, I walked into a local fashion store and was instantly drawn to a pair of checkered walking short, and a bright pink t-shirt. That’s not all, I also sighted large hoop earrings at the jewelry section and just could not get my mind off it. Now that I’m fully dressed with these items and ready to for a party, something just suddenly occurred to me. Guess what? The 80s fashion is back in the 21st century!

The 80s fashion? Yea, it was completely fun and vibrant. This would probably not ring bell if you never lived in that decade. In fact, that decade felt like each day was a costume party because of its unique fashion. And of course, when I eventually stepped into the party arena, it dawned on me fully that the fashion of the 1980s is completely back. Virtually everyone present in the party had either a full reflection of the 80s party wears, or at least a touch of it.

In fact, right now, if you take stroll into a local clothing store, you will surely confirm that the 80s inspired styles are heavily back. These 80s fashion and styles are available in different forms (some slightly modified) and would suit parties, Halloween and even regular events.

The Chic 80s Fashion

Looking to achieve a chic look in your 80s clothing? Consider an evergreen trend such as the “boyfriend’ blazer. This fashion style has not ceased being a wardrobe stable. Also, certain clothing items have continued to outlive the 80s decade. They include the skinny pants and leggings. Fishnet stockings have been added to the list from the 80s fashion. Over-sized tops or shirts are usually worn over these clothing items.

Rocker Look with the 80s Fashion

You can rock in style with your looks by imbibing the 80s style and fashion. For the female folks, your perfect model for a rocker look is Madonna. Also, Madonna is a sample to study when you want to look pop with your 80s clothing style. You probably know the clothing items best suited for this look, especially if you have followed up our previous articles. Let’s go over those clothing items again;

  • Lots of bangles
  • Large hoop earrings
  • Acid washed or heavily faded denim
    • Fishnet stockings or leggings
    • Heavy makeup
    • Mini skirts
    • Big hair
    • Rock t-shirt
    • Leather bomber jacket
    • And more

Halloween Clothing in 80’s Fashion

Halloween outfits are increasingly featuring 80s fashion elements. It’s a great way to take a break from the regular Halloween costumes. Also, it brings back the memories of the unique fashion and style that marked the 80s.

All the clothing items and accessories that work with 80s fashion will combine to create attention-getting Halloween costume. And, you can accentuate the look with some scary features, especially if you want to go zombie with your Halloween 80s fashion.

Indeed, you can recreate 80s fashion and style in variety of ways. You can only be limited by your own imagination.


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