Food is becoming a trendy idea for Halloween costume. Though it may feel awkward to wear a food costume because there are so many ideas to choose from and also because food costumes are worn mostly by mascots for food companies or outlets, but food alongside other Halloween costume ideas are really fun and cool, and let’s not forget that Halloween is about being creative so it is important to try out new things. This article is specially looking some food Halloween costumes that women and try out.

This first costume here is the FRENCH FRIES COSTUME. This is a yummy costume, I could literally eat it up. This is very cool and sexy. This costume is fantastic. Don’t worry it’s not going to be heavy, it would be extremely light like paper. You really do not need too much accessories with this costume. This costume is totally one of my favorites and it is highly recommendable.

HMMM!!!!!! I never knew PIZZA could look these sexy. This pizza costume is to die for. This is so cool and sexy. It’s not bulgy just perfect for your body. This Halloween costume would definitely get people talking. This look is highly recommendable.


This POPCORN costume is also very cool and edgy. This look is fun and sweet. It age appropriate, anyone can actually wear this costume, and there is no doubt of people commenting positively about this look because it would really standout completely.

This DOUGHNUT COSTUME is also an amazing food costume, who doesn’t love donuts? I love them so much, just as much as I am loving this look right now. This is a very interesting and cool Halloween costume. Very comfortable and age appropriate and it is highly recommendable.

This by far is the first and the best DIET COCA COLA costume I have seen. The coca cola costume is a very popular costume, so people would definitely relate with your look.

FUN DIP is one of the popular candy sold in the US and it is a very cool idea for a Halloween costume. This look is very trendy and popping. It is very sexy and edgy. I highly recommend this look. This one is a mind blowing food Halloween costume.

This is one hot and sexy looking carrot. This CARROT costume is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. This is just a Halloween costume that would blow minds away. This costume is too cute to ignore and you would not want to be missed wearing this costume. This is a real magnificent look for Halloween.


Skittles is another candy that is very popular in the US, so wearing a SKITTLES COSTUME is a very good idea for a food Halloween costume. This particular costume is so cool and sexy, vibrant and colorful and exceptionally gorgeous. This look is highly recommendable.

These food costumes for Halloween are really gorgeous. This shows that wearing food as a Halloween costume is not a bad idea. From these you can pitch in your idea on how you want your food Halloween costume to be.