80’s Costume – 80s Prep for Halloween Ideas

80’s Costume – 80s Prep for Halloween Ideas
For many people, Halloween is whimsical. It provides opportunity to experiment with costumes that would help add thrill to the season. The 80’s costumes in form of prep are perhaps among the most effective and easiest costumes for the season. You will find great tips and tricks in this article to help you achieve a cute prep Halloween look.
Decide on Your Preferred Clothing Item
The first step is to decide on your preferred clothing items for the 80s Halloween costume you want to make. A helpful tip for this decision is to watch relevant pictures online. You can also watch the 1980s episodes of television shows in order to generate ideas.
When it comes to drawing inspiration from movies and television shows, top on the list would include movies like “16 Candles”, “Saved by the Bell”, and The Breakfast Club”. And, your closet is the first place to look for possible 80s fashion items and accessories.
Lookout for Stonewashed Clothing Items
Stonewashed clothing items are typical of the 80s costumes and fashion. These would include stonewashed mini-skirt, tapered jeans or khaki pants. Any of these would be just ideal for the bottom. For foot-wears that would complement your 1980s theme Halloween clothing, you should go for penny loafer shoes. Also, Keds-like sneakers would complement your 80s outfit beautifully.
Include Vibrant Colors
Particularly for chinos or drab khaki, you should integrate vibrant colors. A typical example is wearing a hot pink sweater on a chinos pant. Females can wear a lime-green shirt on a denim skirt.
The hair style that suits? For women, simply tease your hair and round out the 80s look with plenty of hairspray. Accentuate the look with bright lipstick, tons of accessories, plenty of mascara, multiple necklaces, bangles and dangling earrings.
Look Extremely Preppy
If you prefer to go overboard with your 80’s Halloween preppy look, get a sweater and tie it around your neck. You can also settle for classic country club appearance by adding a tennis racket to your 80s fashion items.
A guy should get a polo t-shirt and wear it on a tennis shorts or chinos, wrapping a sweater around his shoulders for a complete and typical 80s look.
Additional Tips
For 80’s costumes intended to achieve a preppy Halloween look, a guy should not use socks on penny loafers while having a blazer on with a pair shorts to match. There can’t be a better way to achieve a classic and extremely preppy 80s look.
You can also get ideas for ultimate preppy look by falling back on TV shows such as “Family Ties”. You will certainly get idea from Alex P. Keaton.
Being the envy of the day is as easy as leveraging these 80s costumes tips and tricks for a preppy Halloween look.