Best 70s Costumes Party Ideas for Women

Best 70s Costumes Party Ideas for Women
If you’ve just got an invitation to attend a 70’s costumes party, what would instantly come to mind is disco costumes or hippies. Needless to say, the 70s depicted a distinct fashion era. A great place to start your search for 1970s clothing items and accessories is the internet. Keep reading to learn more.
Ideas for Women
The end of the 60s and the wake of 70s were a period of women empowerment. The female folks portrayed a life of being in control and gaining freedom, which they also depicted with their choice of clothing. They typically made bold fashion statements with their apparels and clothing items.
·    You would mimic the 1970s women fashion for seventies theme party by going for flare-legged pants. Another trendy wear for women back in the days was flowing peasant skirts complemented with organic and earthy tops.
·    Accessorize your outfit with a number of hand-crafted jewelry pieces. Typical example includes beaded bracelets.
·    Also, for a perfect 70s costumes look, go for a miniskirt and pair it with halter top. This will provide you with a daring look.
·    Wear knee-high boots to further complement your seventies party costume
·    Try wearing a retro T-shirt paired with petite tight cotton shorts. Get more attention and admiration with your outfit by featuring Princess Leia or other 70s popular characters on your retro T-shirt. And, remember to put on a knee-length tube socks that feature nicely colored stripes.
·    If you are the glamorous type, you will certain love halter-neck cat suit.
·    Daze other attendees by going for a trendy 70s evening fashion. This fashion would consist of bellbottom one-piece suit alongside a high-waist belt. A suit with tropical or animal print will accentuate your 70s evening dress.
Hairstyle Ideas
How you style and accessorize your hair can make or mar your ‘70s look for seventies theme party. Therefore, you need the right retro accessories and hairstyle for a perfect 1970s party look. The best hairdo in this case is straight and long hair.
Use curling iron to style your hair and flip up your hair ends in a feathered style as seen with Farrah Fawcett on “Charlie’s Angels”. If you rather prefer an easy and quick ‘70s hairdo, simply don on an afro wig.
For the perfect accessories, go for hippie costumes such as friendship bracelets, beads, and medallions or necklaces with peace signs.
Finally, if you choose 70s costumes that look more like the 70s disco fashion, you would be better off wearing dangling and sparkling earrings. The essence is to trap the disco ball light. You can get your costumes and accessories from online costume stores or your local thrift stores.