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Best 70s Costumes Party Ideas for Women

Best 70s Costumes Party Ideas for Women
If you’ve just got an invitation to attend a 70’s costumes party, what would instantly come to mind is disco costumes or hippies. Needless to say, the 70s depicted a distinct fashion era. A great place to start your search for 1970s clothing items and accessories is the internet. Keep reading to learn more.
Ideas for Women
The end of the 60s and the wake of 70s were a period of women empowerment. The female folks portrayed a life of being in control and gaining freedom, which they also depicted with their choice of clothing. They typically made bold fashion statements with their apparels and clothing items.
·    You would mimic the 1970s women fashion for seventies theme party by going for flare-legged pants...

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Women’s 70’s Costumes Ideas for a 70s Disco Look

70s Costumes Ideas for a 70s Disco Look
Back-in-the-days fashion is massively coming back into today’s fashion scene. Whether you want to look 70s for a themed party, Halloween, or just to make a 70s disco fashion statement using 70’s costumes, there are tons of great ideas to put you on the right track.

Some of the fashion items for women who want to achieve seventies disco fashion would include jumpsuit, mini-dress, or a top and bottom. Other necessities in terms of 1970s fashion include bellbottom pants, platform shoes, and bell sleeves.
Here are some great ideas to achieve your 1970s disco look;
Go for a Mini Dress


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Mini dresses are one of the staples for women back in the 70’s. Popular fabrics for the mini-dresses include stretch and spandex materials...

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